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QR Code Management Account

We offer a tracking service with Dynamic QR Codes with our QR Code Management Account. This means that the QR Code can be reused cutting your costs and administration. Tracking the use of QR Codes can reveal valuable marketing and customer profiling information. In addition to how many times a QR Code has been scanned you are able to assess when the code was scanned, where the customer was when they did it , what type of phone they were using and most importantly, the conversion rate for the customers can be reported so you can assess your return on investment.

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QR Code Management and Mobile Web Site Services QR Code Marketing creates a new opportunity for businesses which are farsighted. QR Codes provide the opportunity to integrate printed marketing materials with the world wide web. Our QR Code Marketing system gives you the ability to Create, Track, Manage and Analyse your QR Codes - QR Code Management. In addition you get a Mobile Friendly Web Site & Landing Pages removing the need to develop your existing web site with all the costs that implies. Furthermore the Customer Lead Capture & Management module incorporating full workflow management enables you to focus on the customer requests you receive ensuring that none get overlooked and that you respond to your customers in a timely manner.

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Free QR Code Generator

The use of QR codes by companies is expanding and presenting many new marketing opportunities. Are you using them in your business or even in your personal life, perhaps incorporating a QR code on your business cards or personal stationery. If you have an existing need, or just want to experiment in this area please use our free QR code generator to create a QR code incorporating simple text, an embedded web link, e-mail or telephone number details as some real life examples. Stretch the boundaries and create a QR code so that people can link to your twitter feed or perhaps share a Facebook "like".

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Custom QR Codes

To completely integrate a QR code within your marketing activity you need to consider appropriate customisation of the code to match your brand colours and even to consider incorporating your logo with the image. Our custom QR code generator enables you to design your own code, choosing the colours that you want for the background, main QR code bars and even individual colours for each of the corner markers. When you are happy with the colour scheme you can then upload a small logo for your company or brand and integrate this into the image.

Build your own Custom QR Code

Although the technology for creating a QR code has existed for many years the use of these images in marketing and at the customer service interface has only commenced within the last few years. One main driver behind this has been the explosion in smart phones many of which incorporate a QR code reader enabling the consumer to scan and wherever they are.

Adoption within the UK is increasing but we need to look to the USA as the major area for usage statistics. In June 2011 6% of the total mobile phone enabled population scanned a QR code on their mobile device. That is a significant proportion of the mobile phone enabled population who are engaging with QR codes to gather additional information. Within the statistics there is currently a clear skew towards 18 to 34-year-old male adopters.

There is no doubt that we are at the beginning of a new opportunity for interacting with consumers and for providing information to them at the point of contact. Whilst much needs to be learned in how consumers will interact with QR codes it is obvious that businesses need to commence their learning now and start to integrate QR codes, where appropriate, within their communications with customers and within store.

A major advantage over printed leaflets is that QR codes can not only provide data which can also link out to websites through trackable links. This means that response rates can be tracked and overlaid with geographic information and time-of-day etc. This is a significant opportunity for marketing managers who of facing a very challenging future with the current economic climate.

QRCoded.co.uk aims to bring you the latest initiatives and opportunities in the use of QR codes together with providing access to basic tools whether that be to create a standard QR code, a customised QR code or QR code scanner for your mobile phone so that you can start to improve your knowledge in the same way that your customers are.

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